• Forever Doesn’t Last

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    Dear Heartbreaker,

    You do not know what you have done to me. How you have changed me.
    I was so vibrant, so energetic before I met you. I had so many friends.
    I had never loved, my heart was perfectly healthy and fresh.
    I believed that I would find that someone, that I would love forever.
    I wished upon every star that I would find that love.
    And then you came into my life.

    You were my best friend. We did everything together. And I mean everything.
    I opened my heart for you and let you in. Something I had never done for anyone else.
    I had never been so happy before, or so I thought.
    I slowly started losing my friends, but I didn’t care. I had you.
    I never thought I’d lose you. Just the thought of it scared me to death.
    And then you changed.

    You were always too busy for me. You only spoke to me when you needed something.
    I was pathetic, begging you to come visit me, only to get turned down yet again.
    I didn’t see how selfish and hurtful you were being towards me.
    I dreamed that you would return and things would go back to how they were.
    I was broken hearted. You left a hole in my heart that could never be replaced.
    And then I changed.

    You used me for the last time. You hurt me for the last time. You have made me strong.
    I have a heart filled with scar tissue, and it will be like that for a long time.
    I have a heart filled with scar tissue, but not forever. Forever doesn’t last.
    I learned that from you: forever doesn’t last. You promised me forever.
    I thank you for that. I have moved on because I cannot hurt forever.
    And now you are out of my life.

    Moving On

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