• To Whatever,

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    As I told you, it’s just as I expected. She couldn’t leave from you, because she was addicted to you. Congrats! You conquered this challenge. And you were a calculating player. I couldn’t believe my ears for an instant when I heard your words last spring, but actually you did. You played exactly what you wanted. I’m sorry that I made you angry on purpose, because I wanted to cut ties with you seriously. I burn my bridge. I had to make you to hate me a lot, then, you could let me go. I chose this way with strong will. It worked and you were really upset. Anyways I posted 3 letters on this site, then, you chased me and came to here. It was something I pretty much predicted. I still had such impact on you. Since you are a drama king, maybe it wasn’t so bad. But it’s over. Now you really hate me. You even insulted me a lot here. It would make you feel good to hurt me like this. Probably most of your victims have returned to you. I think you never miss me. Next chapter I’m not there. You lost all of my trust, so please stop to harass me. You used to be my good online friend, so I didn’t mean to hurt you. However, I don’t need you in my life, because you hurt me. I already forgave you. Sadly, you didn’t say sorry to me from your heart, and I never see it in this life. I hope one day you will regret what you did to me. I don’t want to use really rude words here. We should go different ways. I said you good-bye, so please leave me alone. April is coming soon. I did my part here, so I don’t use this site from now.

    Don’t have a quarrel with “N” in real life. I will pray for your happiness.

    At last, I really want to say thank you for you donations to earthquake victims last year.


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