• Sayonara

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    Dear AJ,

    I wish I had met you a few years back, and without the common connection that we have shared- my ex. I have never met anyone quite like you, so it fills my heart with so much of joy when you just send me a message, even a small insignificant one.

    There is something about you that makes me want to live with joy again. Your enthusisasm for everything, open-ness, will to go the distance for people you love, it’s just what every guy looks for. I know you would never quite return my feelings, even if you wanted to. Perhaps because of how much you love your friend who incidently dumped me for someone else. You were there with me then, and although you must not have paid it much of a thought, it certainly helped me alot in those days.

    I think I would just move away from you, because I don’t want to spoil the memories I have for something which I may never have. It was good to know you, and my life would have been incomplete had I not known you. It suddenly make sense to have met you, talked to you, listened to you, all this while. It makes me regret, not having enough courage to go for it. I am not afraid of rejection, I have had many. It’s just that you would think of me as some kind of a freak if I ever told you. Who wants that? Hope you have a long life, a life full of love, may every wish you make comes true, may your dreams have wings of joy, and your aspirations a soul of truth. May you sleep with peace every night, and may there be many such nights. Thank you for touching my life with your beautiful soul. May it never gets tarnished in the world filled with hate. I haven’t had enough of you. I truly never will. But I loved every bit of it, and I am sure would have loved every bit of what I couldn’t have. You make my life worthwhile.

    Sayonara AJ,


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