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    dear my ex-boyfriend,
    First i wanna start out saying you r a straight up dick. i never know why i fucking dated you in the first place. i met you at a party thinking that you were the perfect guy. i tried so hard to get you. when you finally asked me out over the phone i fell for you and I gave up everything. My old boyfriend i had been dating for 3 years, all my friends, my sports, grades and reputation. I would stay up till 3 in the morning every night texting you, skip classes to text you, and not go to my sport practices just so i could talk to you on the phone. I was always there for you but for some reason u were never there for me. i hope you go die in a fucking whole bc seriously you tore my heart into shreds. Today you did not tell me in person or not even bother to call but instead did the most immature thing to do. You texted me saying that you never liked me and that you wanna break up. You also said that you regret asking me out and never should have started anything between us. You got pure pressured into asking me out by your friends and you would never dated me. and the last thing you said was i hope we can still be friends. IM SORRY I DONT WANNA BE FRIENDS WITH A FUCKING DOUGE BAG! IN FACT I HOPE I NEVER SEE YOUR FUCKING FACE EVER AGAIN! I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING AND IN RETURN I GET A BROKEN HEART! U THINK EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT BUT ITS NOT. U DONT KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO ME. AND I HAV NO IDEA WHY I EVER FUCKING FELL FOR YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE. YOU SUCKED UP TO ME ONLY LIKING ME FOR WHO I AM ON THE OUTSIDE NOT ON THE INSIDE AND NOT WANTING ME TO MEET ANY OF UR FRIENDS BC I MIGHT EMBARASS YOU. now you have left me with nothing and i truly wish that you go die in hell. hope you are happy.
    Love always,
    the girl you used

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