• View from the other side

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    Dear Hunter,

    I come on here every day and read about all the lonely people chasing after the one they love or had their hearts broken from the special someone.

    But I’m here to say it’s not that easy for us the so called heart breakers and tear makers.

    We feel the pain just as bad.

    We don’t mean to not love you back. We don’t mean to not share the feelings that you have toward us.

    I love you. I really do.

    I love the way you open doors for me.
    I love the way you always say please and thank you even to the meanest of people.
    I love the way you worship the every mistake and flaw I have.
    I love the way you send me drunken love notes on Facebook or text message.
    I love the way when we walk into a room crowded full groupies and band mates, you look me straight in the eyes and tell me how beautiful I look tonight.
    I love how no matter what, I can always trust you to save me. Even at 3am on a Monday night.

    And this love tears me apart on the inside. It makes me feel so horrid that I can’t feel the same about you.

    Every time I tried to kiss you, it felt so wrong I had to stop.
    Every time I told someone I was your girlfriend, I felt like I was telling them the worst lie possible.
    Every time I spent time with you I knew you were falling going harder for me that you wouldn’t come back and survive from.

    I know you may feel like I hurt you. And I’m sure I have.

    But believe me.

    I hurt too.

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