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    I’ve said the same thing a hundred times over I’m sure but I feel like I have more to add.

    Never again will I let you hurt me, get close, take a part of me that I’ve worked so hard to replace. I’m sitting in bed right now with a cold and the only thing on my mind is feeling better and it feels great. My reasons are innocent but I still felt it was necessary to voice my opinion about the two of you dating. Once it became official I guess I underestimated what could have came from this. At some point I almost feel like we were two people with weapons of mass destruction just waiting for someone to do something.

    There is something about not loving you that I love and I know you can’t stand it. It could be the independence, the rejection, the attention. I was happy with my life, you wanted a part of it and I feel exactly the same… I wasn’t about to let you ruin what I’ve built the last 3 years. From that a fantasy was built and I wasn’t expecting that. You came in to the place where I decided to start over and took over and I resented you. I had someone by my side though that kept me together and luckily, I recovered. Still, I can’t remember you losing character one time out of countless times we had hung out. Always trying to prove yourself when really, you had nothing to prove. What is it about you trying to get me to persue you? You might as well give up. The songs, cds, subtle everything is clever but I can’t remember that. You hate it. This ladies, is how you train them. I have no idea how this happened but somehow I made the impossible, possible.

    Somehow I created a monster. Subtly obsessed. There is a difference between us, I loved u. You deserved the way I treated you. Its unhealthy and we needed to leave.

    But omg if there is a way to make someone feel like they’re worth the world and more its you I swear. I know this sounds off but there’s something about you that makes me want to want myself. Like I can do anything and you’ll always love me. You dont even have to say it because I know you do.

    Twentyyy-one is my baby.
    I’m so much cooler than you it’s hilarious I can’t explain how i’m so calm and you’re jumping out of your skin. Boo!

    Don’t be an ass and remember who you really are. Goodbye.

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    1. Nobody
      March 6, 2012 at 11:32 am

      Nobody has to do a thing, but mark my words, because I have been were you think you are, being heartless like this – will bite you in the ass one day. Looking from the other side of the fence will be just as deep in pain, as this high, you are feeling now.

      If your reason should be, that you already have been on the other side, then you simply have no excuse, and not yet learned.

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