• Who has she Become

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    A girl with goals, dreams, standards
    A girl who was shy and watched what she said
    A girl who knew who she wanted to become
    A girl who wanted to save herself for her husband
    A girl who knew she should be treated as a princess and knew who she deserved
    A girl with a good head on her shoulders
    Then the girl met a boy…
    A boy who could sweet talk a girl as easy as he tied his shoes
    A boy who smoked weed and skipped class
    A boy who had sex like it was a recreation
    A boy the girl said she would never date
    A boy who caught the girl under his spell
    A boy the girl fell in love with…..
    A boy who cheated on the girl
    A boy who always brought her down
    A boy who always made her feel guilty even when she did nothing wrong
    A boy who took the girls virginity
    A boy the girl couldn’t let go
    A boy who the girl thought she could change
    A boy who ended up changing her…
    Now she’s
    A girl who smokes
    A girl who has sex just because she can
    A girl who takes crap from guys because that’s what she is used to
    A girl who cheats
    A girl who doesn’t do her work
    A girl who still loves the boy
    A girl who has lost herself
    A girl who has become the very thing she said she wouldn’t
    A girl who has become the boy

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    1. :)
      March 5, 2012 at 5:33 am

      Your letter really spoke to me. I went through a very similar situation when I was younger. I survived a very painful relationship and ending to it and I swore to myself that I would never hurt anyone the way that he hurt me. Much to my chagrin, I ended up terribly hurting two guys later on and played just as many games with them as my first love played with me. It’s that unending circle – the balancing of karma, I guess. The experience got me wondering who hurt my first love so and who taught him the games that he eventually played on me. It helps me understand him but it didn’t make it any easier.

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