• What To Do…..?

    by  • March 4, 2012 • Advice • 0 Comments

    M and D,
    You guys I have no idea what to do:/. I know people may consider me a hoe, but I have friends with benefits and I am falling for two of them. Because i can’t decide I have stopped texting all other guys except these two. I know friends with benefits is supposed to be no emotions, but i have had these emotions for both guys and the agony is killing me. I am afraid that if I tell one I like them then they will reject me and stop talking to me or that they don’t feel the same way. They both have so many things I like about them that makes them different and unique. I guess I am just some love struck teenager that can’t make up her mind. This decision I guess won’t impact my future because I have a small chance of ending up with either of them anyways. I probably just needed to vent about my feelings because It needed to come out one way or another. High school is just some bull year anyway because and nobody really cares or ends up with their high school sweet heart anyways. This might just be a crush but I feel like this could be something different but then again I say that every time I have some silly little middle school crush on some guy.

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