• Not Confrontational

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    Dear MM,

    I’m not the confrontational type. Since fourth grade we’ve been “best friends”. But now I see that that is not the case. You are bossy, irritating, aggravating, and it’s always your way or the highway. You wonder why we have been slowly drifting apart these past few years. I don’t wonder, I know. A, S, and N, have showed me that it’s not only me who feels this way. They dont like you at all. at least I still try. And now this friendship between us five is falling apart after ive tried to keep it all together for so many years. But once again, I’m not the confrontational type. So when they curse you out I’ll say that I had no idea that they didn’t like you and give you sympathy. While in my my head I’ll be rolling my eyes and wanting to ignore you. I’ll just stick to talking about you behind your back.

    Your best friend,

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