• Middle School Crush

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    Dear Brendan,
    I like you. I’m not sure how much but I just know I like you. There.  Said it. I’ve liked you since fifth grade when you first came to bdms. Lol. I remember our first encounter. We were in the same gym class an the class had been playing some variation of soccer. As we tried to get the ball away from each other and the corner (we were on different teams) you looked up and smiled. I did the same. I totally sound like a love sick girl. Blah. But from that day, I’ve honestly like you more. From your Mohawk to the freckles on your face. Your black and have freckles and the Mohawk like thing on your head is fitting on you.  Nothing else spectacular happened in fifth and sixth grade that I remember. This year, seventh grade, has been the hardest. My best friend likes you.   Which messes stuff up completely because in all of the books ive read, friends who like the same guy end up fighting over him and break their friendship until things slowly come back together at the end of the story. But you know what. I wouldn’t care. Sara moves someplace every other year it feels like. Anyways…  Lately, I’ve been kind of mad at you. Some of your actions made it seem like you liked me.  At the beginning of the year, I sat behind you. Just so you know, you are hilarious. But whenever I talked to you I guess I swiped my hand behind my ear. I never did it on purpose and I didn’t realize it until I over heard you and zahria talk about it. I sit right behind you two. I can hear. There fore I made a conscious effort to not do it anymore. I was sure that you thought I liked you when in health class you and zahria went for your papers at the same time and quickly whispered about you talking to me to see if I do something. I heard you guys and you asked me a question. I didn’t do what you thought I would do. And afterwards I heard you say. ” see she didnt do it. ” so yeah. So now your dating Cassidy which is good for you. If you like her then that’s fine. I’m cool about it. I bet you don’t even know I like you. You had a hint at the beginning if the year, but by now you’ve probably forgotten all about it. 

      And it’s August. And Cassidy’s sister died young. And I feel bad for wanting to take you from her. Yeah.

       And now it’s october. And I have no intrest in you anymore. You and Cassidy are cute together. Good luck with life. 


    Dear Semo,
    Whyy?  You broke up with Cassidy a while ago now and that didn’t really help my chance with you. It’s January and I dint like you for four whole months. 

    Dear Semo,
    It is now 2012. We r in 8th grade now. I don’t like you anymore. (yay). But you still are very cute with your mixed skin and adorable freckles. Ahsha still makes fun of me for liking you. Lol. It doesn’t bother me. But by now I’ve learned that you ate not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Or the nicest. You called me ugly for Pete’s sake. But…….. It’s alright because you, my friend are stupid. That makes us even doesn’t it?  
    Btw, I’m about to post this to a website I found. I’m going to reveal my past love for you on the internet for millions of strangers to see. If you come across this letter, I hope you know it’s from me. 


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