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    Okay so you’re my best friend since second grade’s little brother..so basically my brother right? Well that should be the case, but i don’t see it that way. I always fool around with you and act all flirty and over the top attracted to you as a joke and you and your family, well everybody, thinks it’s hysterical. We joke around all the time about you coming to prom with me as a freshman, and us getting married one day. The thing is – it’s starting to feel real. You are the ideal guy. So handsome, athletic, close with his family, hilarious, you know the real me and we act crazy around each other, because we never really cared before because i’m your sisters BEST FRIEND. But let’s be honest, it’s not only me that feels this right? That i don’t care your age, what people think about the age difference, what your sister would say or even what your parents would say. I don’t care that you fart in front of my or that youve seen me when i first wakeup in the morning- hungover and looking like death. I find myself yearning for your presence, thinking about you even dreaming about you. When i’m with you and your family at your house i have constant thoughts streaming through my head of what it would be like if we dated. I know this is crazy because were so young, but i literally feel like you’re the one. We aren’t even dating and i feel like you are going to be the guy i marry. My and your sisters friendship is deep, real, and it’s going to last through everything. It’s just one of those types of friendships that we are going to keep forever, meaning that you and i are always going to be there. That for the rest of my life you and i will be in each others lives so maybe when were older we can pursue this? I dont know, maybe ive just began to feel this way because ive spent so much time with you lately or because everyone in school is starting to notice you. I don’t know, but all i know is it feels right, even though everything in the world is screaming it’s wrong. For all i know, this is a one sided thing- hopefully not. And if so, we have our whole lives ahead of us to fall in love right?

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