• Jakeys mistake

    by  • March 4, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Grief • 0 Comments

    Today I found out tht yu are in the hospital because you tried to kill yurself. Why? Why would yu do even think about actually doin tht? No gurl or sico mom is worth trying to kill yourself. ….I told skyler about wat happened. He’s just disappointed in yu and thinks yu did it b of sum gurl. ….him and josh tried to calm me down and apperently it’s no tht bad a situation according to them…..I don’t know what to think I’m just shocked tht yur in the hospital…..my best friend…..I hope yur alright.. And I no no one understands yu like I do….I love you…..please don’t die on me or try to again….I feel so numb. Nothing’s right….I’ll be waiting for yu to see if yur alright.<3

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