• I wish

    by  • March 4, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Heartbreak • 0 Comments

    I wish you loved me the way I love you.
    I wish you saw yourself the way I see you.
    I wish you’d love yourself.
    I wish you the best.

    I’m always there for you and always have been. I build you up after you’ve been broken down. I see you with different eyes than everybody else. And you take advantage of that. You don’t give me the support or the security or the love that I deserve. You don’t want to. You don’t care. And that hurts. I know you’ll never love me, but regardless of what happens I still take that risk hoping that you finally realized what we are and what we have, but I can’t keep doing this.

    I can’t.

    You make me feel so incredibly small in this world. I never feel worthy of your love and it kills me. I hate how no other man makes me smile the way you do. I hate how I’m terrified of never finding someone like you. I hate how much I love you.

    All I want from you is an acknowledgement. An acknowledgment of my love and support. An acknowledgement of how much I care and how much you appreciate meeting someone like me.

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