• Dear JULIE J.

    by  • March 3, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Anger • 1 Comment

    Yes, to you, you splendid bitch. Even with your name in CAPS I know you will never find this letter. I know you know how relentlessly in love with you I am. For years, I have loved you. You, the gorgeous, witty, intelligent, charming, really too charming, girl that you are. Too much so, you are too much! I’ve chased you and I’ve waited. I stood by and watched you love the wrong guy. I watched the wrong guy break your heart. You acted fine, tough as nails as usual, but I know better. You’ll never admit it, but I know you’re STILL not over it. Then I got to watch as you moved on with another guy, and it hurt, but that seemed to be what you needed but now you are telling me this thing with him is forever?! WTF? I moved STATES for you! You think it was for the University, but I moved for YOU! You think no guy can love you more than he can? Is that what you really think? You think I don’t love you more than him? I’ve been waiting for you since 2008. I’ve been patient, I’ve been kind, I’ve been completely yours. Ok, I go with other girls because YOU WON’T BE WITH ME, what do you expect? Sitting around and waiting for you would change nothing anyway. I love my girlfriend, but it is nothing, NOTHING like what I feel for you. You know this. You know all of this. It changes nothing. You are not mine, you will never be. I’ve accepted it, I cope with the cruelness of it all. But please, please don’t marry this guy. Because I could forgive you for marrying someone who loves you like I do, but I will never forgive you for settling. Not when you deserve everything. And the biggest tragedy of it all is even I know I’m lying. There is nothing you could do on this earth that would make me love you any less. You mystify me.


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    1. Geod
      May 5, 2012 at 9:56 am

      wow. surely this is not about my Julie J who I also know and love the crap out of. If she is the same girl, she didn’t end up marrying him…yet. I wish I could figure her out. but we can’t be talking about the same girl…there is no way… Surely not…

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