• Dear God

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    Dear God,

    I’m not good with words, so I’ll keep this short, and simple. Please help Mike. He’s a good guy, he tries so hard. He’s having a really hard time in life right now. And I don’t know if he knows that you’re there, and that you care about him. I think he knows… he’s just having a hard time. He could really use a break, or at least a helping hand… help him to make it through this, and to come out stronger. Help him to become all that he can be. He has so much potential. And most of all, let him know you care. I think that’s what matters most. He needs you. I want to help him, but there’s nothing I can do… so I’m putting the matter in your hands, God. I’ve realized that there’s nothing left for me to do but pray, and trust that you’ll help him.

    Thanks for helping me out. You really deserve more credit than I give you… Thank you.


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