• Skinny love just let us in…

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    I tell you my love to wreck it all,
    Cut all the ropes and let me fall,
    I am staring at this sink of blood and vaneer…

    Why can’t you just let me fall, why can’t you just give me my freedom once and for all. Why am I the one holding our fate in my hands, while you are out there drifting with just rnough of a line to keep me hanging on. Snip it, and let me fall. Cuz’ it hurts too much to do it myself.

    I told you to be patient.
    I told you to be kind.
    In the morning I will be with you, but It will be a different time.
    I will be holding all the tickets and you will be owing all the fines.

    I told you to be patient. That I am a lost soul running scared, you held me and hushed me, and even as I shook you brushed me away. I told you to be kind. Now I am wracking up the debts you owe, and you are left empty begging for emotional pocket change. I am tired of holding all these tickets, tired of watching you crawl right back and begging for forgiveness, when I warned you to be kind.

    I told you to be patient.
    I told you to be kind.
    Now all your love is wasted,
    and who the hell was I?

    Who the hell was I? Why did you waste your love? Discard it like a piece of trash, yet I am the one left holding it as you feed me all your lines.

    Who will love you?
    Who will fight?

    Who will be left far behind?

    I guess it is you or me, those debts are wracking high and you are owing all the fines. Who will fall far behind?

    I am done carrying all the tickets and soaking up the lies. I cut all the ropes and fall on my feet. Who will love me? Who will it be that I find???

    Who love me… Who leave me far behind? I told you to be patient and I told you to be kind, and in the morning it will be a different time.

    Who will love you?

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    1. M
      March 2, 2012 at 8:27 am

      Nice message, but you butchered the lyrics to a beautiful song.

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