• One Track Mind

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    It amazes me how we met one time. Nearly a year ago at my sisters party. We talked for hours about all sorts of things. But, you drank too much and your friends wanted to leave so you left. I never got your number. Barely got a name, yet I still think of you. I see you nearly every Monday as you walk past the front desk for tea. I hate that I feel drawn to you like some strange form of magnetism. I know nothing about you, yet I have an intense craving you to know everything there is about you. I keep trying to forget about you and actually focus on the great guy I have right now. The one that always treats me right, always calls, always is there, and always handles my faults. Yet, things keep coming back to you. I seem to meet you in the most random places and yet I feel as if I am invisible to you. Even though I know you spoke my name when checking out and I felt so stupid for mind blanking on yours when it is one that runs through my mind all the time. It seems crazy to me that I can feel such strong emotions towards you when I do not even believe you think of me at all. So, I will just sit here bide my time and hope that maybe some day we will really cross paths again. Maybe I will build up the courage to say your name and call you over to talk. Just maybe one day I will take that leap and no matter what happens be proud of myself that I no longer have the utter the words what if?

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