• Your laugh for me…

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    You have a different laugh for me, did you know that?

    Sometimes I fake a pout and a whine, just so you’ll laugh. And you do. It’s the same laugh every time, it’s a “you’re just too cute, it’s funny” laugh. But oddly enough, it’s the most emotional laugh I’ve heard out of you. Your other laughs aren’t as expressive, they’re not as contagious as your laugh for me.

    I realized soon after I met you that you had this special laugh. To be honest, I thought it was because you were making fun of me in my head, I thought it was too extreme to be sincere.

    I love the way you bend over, the way you grab your stomach and reach for the closest table or wall. The way you turn to hide that goofy look on your face (I always see it anyway.. your eyes scrunched up, the biggest smile on your face).
    The laughter usually fades as quick as it comes on, but that grin remains for a while. Then you look at me, with your eyes shining and that stupid smile, and I melt. I blush and look away with a goofy grin of my own, so you tease me. Whatever I say always gets you to laugh again~

    I wish I could make you feel as special as I do when I hear that laugh.
    Your laugh for me. <3

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    1. Lex
      March 1, 2012 at 6:02 pm

      This just made my heart melt. I smiled the whole time I read it. Adorable! Never lose your thankfulness for this… I for one am jealous that you have this!

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