• I get it!

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    I get it!
    I’m just some girl you met at a party and you probably just wanted to hook up
    I get it
    I’m just someone that you thought was pretty
    I get it
    I’m not someone of much worth and you probably never give me a second thought in your head
    I get it
    I’m not someone you plan to see again
    I get it
    I’m not girlfriend material
    I get it
    I live forever away and that drive is not worth your time
    I get it
    I’m not going to ever be on your mind except when you tell your friends about me and even then it will probably be half made up
    I get it
    You never planned to text me back or call
    I get it

    but next time…
    don’t lead me on
    don’t tell me i’m pretty
    don’t tell me i’m worth your time
    don’t pretend that this is going somewhere
    don’t text me the next day and then drop off of the face of the planet
    don’t tell me that the summer is ours if you never intended that to happen!
    don’t tell me you love me, because i get it…
    You Never Did

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    1. J
      March 1, 2012 at 9:32 pm

      this was truly beautiful. thank you for this. i understand

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