• Hello darling,

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    Do you remember me? Oh yeah, didn’t think so. Mind if I tell you the story of us? Just so you can try to see if my story rings a bell.

    4 years ago, I was this small, innocent, careless girl. I was also in band. That day, the band had competitions, we traveled about an hour or two to our destination. I got off the bus & there you were…in a purple jacket & playing your Nintendo. You caught my attention so naturally, I went up to you to watch you play. You must have thought I was a strange girl. I talked to you like I had known you for years, it was just so easy. Turn out we had a lot of things in common! Before the end of the day, we exchanged numbers. I never thought we’d end up how we are now..

    We talked almost everyday, & you shared things with me that made me trust you more & more. Soon enough, we became best friends. I was dating Pedro at the time but, that never stopped you from talking to me.

    I then decided to runaway to Illinois. I lost my phone, your number, & contact with you for 3 years..

    August 2011, I decided to clean my basement. Can you guess what I found? That’s right, my phone! I turned it on & looked through it as if looking through a history textbook. I stumbled on your number. “Does he remember me?” “Does he have the same number?” Out of simple curiosity, I sent you a text. Your reply? You remembered how we met, the first thing I ever said to you, & more. After that, we continued to text daily. At the moment, I was going through a break up & you helped me as I did to you because you were in the same position. Daily texts turned into innocent flirting & I was slowly falling for you.

    Months passed like that; soon it was November. I really wanted to see you so I came down to Texas. I used my sister as an excuse to visit, I had only one vision in my head. You were so excited to see me too! Remember that?

    Once I got to Texas, we had our first date at the beach shore. We walked for a while, talked, ran away from waves, & went back to your house to play video games. God, I was in heaven! You were a lot more handsome & nice. Throughout the day, my heart was telling me that you were perfect. The happiness was short lived.

    I had to leave back to Illinois that weekend.. you asked if you could kiss me & I said no. I said no because, I could not get the strength to leave you behind like this. I couldn’t kiss you & leave like nothing happened! I didn’t want to get hurt. Oh, how I regret not saying yes…..

    I got on the plane, tears rolling down my cheeks. I would never see you again, at least that’s what I thought. I was supposed to start college in January, & I had no plans to ever go back to Texas.

    December rolled in, we still talked. Actually, we talked more than ever. That same month, I got news that I had to move to Texas with my dad. I had no choice. Part of my heart was heart broken because my plans were going down the drain, but your image made everything better. I couldn’t wait to see you again!

    The big move started, & somehow things started changing. We hanged out & had lunch still but my feelings were growing out of proportion. You made it clear that you love me, & I wanted to say it back but I decided not to. I wanted to tell you in person, but I got shy. I guess that’s where I screwed up, huh?

    One week without any contact after that.

    My phone rang, it was you. You said you had a new girl because you thought I didn’t like you. I slept with a blanket full of tears that night.

    You then came to my job on Valentine’s & gave me a poem I had written months ago. Then you said you were getting roses for your girl…you could not have hurt me more at that moment. I ran upstairs in tears, & told you we could no longer be friends.

    But no. You convinced me to stay by your side, that we would be friends. You told me you didn’t want to lose me, so I agreed. DO YOU REMEMBER THAT?

    Now, here we are. I’ve written you letters, texts, drawings. You name it. You haven’t answered any. You didn’t even give me a reason as to why you are no longer talking to me. You just let me go like this. I get it though, it was my fault for not letting you know my feelings earlier. It’s my fault this is happening now.. I was convinced you were different. You’re just like every douche I have dated. One day I am the best thing that’s ever happened to you, & the next I am the biggest regret you have.

    Well thank you. Thank you for allowing me to grow, for making me stronger, for believing in me. Thank you for allowing me in your life. I guess this is goodbye. So, goodbye darling. Have a wonderful life. Be happy with your girlfriend, I hope you guys stay together forever.

    I have something to tell you though….

    I love you, & I have for a very long time.

    Better late than never, right?

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