• Free.

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    I wanted to make you feel like I feel right now, write something uplifting so you could see the bright in the dark, but how I feel right now IS uplifting so why write words that are plucked from thin air when how I feel is so much more than that?

    I am free.

    I was so unhappy, so unable to see the good, putting my foot in it and messing up over and over until the situation snowballed and I was on my own.

    Then I left. I gained a whole new life at the other end of the country, whole new friends, and I finally found me and was liked for who I am, not who I tried to be to fit in.

    Now I smile, all day, everyday

    I sing and laugh and love. I love. I found myself and in doing so found someone else to live and laugh and love along with me

    I’m only 19, and yet for the first time in 2 years I feel like it, and like I can do anything I want

    So don’t think it’s the end of the world, don’t assume it won’t get better. You are amazing. Feel thankful that you can still feel even if for the moment it’s not the feeling you’d choose to have

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