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    I am no longer 95.8.
    Well, yesterday I was.

    On some days I was…… “wonderful! Your clients all love you!”
    On other days especially after I worked until almost midnight the night before,
    I would come in and find myself …….”in need of time management skills”

    Being salaried meant that I worked until you all said I was done. Which meant that
    My days off were not off and my week ends were open season.
    I remember my first rage when you tried to take my Saturday without blinking an eye…but you
    Cleared things up and I quickly learned that
    Being salaried I have no rights to personal time.

    I remember when we all struggled fo be 80s. It seemed like it was a huge task!
    But then QA raised the bar and it became ….
    “a minimum of 85!”
    And so it went about every six months or so until today
    95 is rather shabby and 100 gets the corporate raves.

    So last night I could not sleep. I kept hearing you say …
    “I could write you up for your errors” (those involved with that 5%)
    And I knew that those errors were yours not mine and I told you so. But because
    I speak my peace (respectfully), and am seriously lacking in deference skills, we had to dance the newboss dance…which is horribly complex and twisted.

    I am neither loud nor rude but….. You were wrong. I was actually probably closer to being a 98 if if had not been for you.

    I am very good at what I do.
    I am not a number that then gives you permission to base my raises on inaccurate paperwork documentation.

    In fact right now, I am totally me.

    Btw, I checked my 95.8 at the door with my on call phone.

    Take good care of my clients, they are amazing.

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