• Still your Confederate

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    I remember writing you on here…then like a moron I sent it to you as well. Love how that worked out. We talked for a while, then nothing for 8 months. As I sit here now, reading my last letter and writing this one, things are different. I am no longer in NY. I am a bit smarter than I was last year, and we are talking again. When I got back home in Jan, you didn’t know. I got home Jan 9Th, and got a MSG from you Jan 11Th. It read: Harley (your phone number) cll me new phone new number. I sat here, in front of my computer for about 5 minutes before I picked up the phone and dialed your number. God was it great to hear your voice again. My heart began to race, as it does ever time we talk. We talked ever day for a week. 7 days exactly. We talked about your (now ex) girlfriend, and anything you wanted to talk about. 7 days, that’s all I got. Feb 24Th, I send you a MSG. It read: You know, you come to me with your problems but are never there for mine. Two days ago, I get a MSG. Same one I get every time you MSG me. Cll me. So what do I do? I check your number twice, make sure I am not seeing things, take a big long breath…hold it for a few, and dial your number. When you answered I had to let out the breath so I could talk, but you seemed to take my breath away. We talked for about an hour. We talked about the past month. I found out your girlfriend and you broke up, you graduated your class and picked up rank, and almost got a DUI. You even told me that I could have called you, and that “Love is a two way street”. We played the question game, and found out a few things about each other. I asked why you call me Confederate more than you call me by my (birth) name. You answered with “its the name I gave you and it stays”. That made me laugh a bit. You called me chicken once, because I wouldn’t just come out and tell you “Yes Harley, I love you” When you called me chicken, I told you. When we talked the other night, one of my questions was “How do you feel about me?” You wouldn’t answer. I asked you why and you said that you were afraid of losing me, and I had to force that answer out of you. Harley, I will ALWAYS be YOUR Confederate! You will NEVER lose me! I have been here this long, and I plan on being here for a lot longer. You asked if I could see myself being married to you for the rest of my life. I said yes, because I can. My daughter loves you. You love her. We talked about tons of things, and I loved every second of it. Even when you made me squirm, because it was a question I had to honestly think about. A while later, you started to fall asleep. That’s when I said it for the first time in months. I said “Harley, I love you” You laughed and said “Well plaid”, and we talked a bit more. I tried to get off the phone a few times, and you asked if I would stay on the phone till you fell asleep. Did you honestly think I would tell you no? I never have before. When we talked last night, you were already half asleep, crabby from not getting any sleep the night before and having a bad day at work. I tried to let you go so you could sleep, and you said “No, I want to talk to you” I laughed, and asked what you wanted to talk about. You of course, had already gone back to sleep. I waited in silence like I do, smiling to myself. Called your name, got a groggy “yes”, response and said, “Harley, I love you. Now get some sleep”. The reply I got was so un expected. All though, you were half asleep when you said it. You said “I love you too”. I’m still not sure what to say. You know what’s going on right now in my life, and I know some of what’s going on in yours. I will always be here for you, no matter what happens between us. I hope I never lose you either. Ever time we go through our bit of silence it kills me. They say everything happens for a reason. I guess my moving to NY was good because we both learned a few things. I was gone for 8 months. I just thought about something, you didn’t talk to me for 8 months. I think I know why, and I don’t blame you. I am back now, and don’t think I forgot about that drink you owe me either. I’ll talk to later tonight.
    Forever Yours,

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