• I hate you

    by  • February 29, 2012 • Lost Love • 0 Comments

    I met you 3 years ago at a new years party. I was daten one of your best friends at the time. The first time that I layed eyes on you, I knew that you were everything that I wanted.

    You played guitar, you could sing, good looking and older. I thought to myself that night that I would never get a chance with that, what would a guy like you do with a young girl like me that had nothing going for her.

    The next day I logged on to facebook and noticed that I had a message from the guy that I would give my heart to!

    After a couple of days talking and hanging out we started daten. Then came sex. But after all the good times we had you left me cuz music was more important. I loved you and you broke my heart like you never cared! And then You moved far away and stopped talking to me.

    2 years later you had the guts to facebook message me. And then we became fuck buddies only because I still loved you. Then you asked me out and told me that you loved me, you said that you made a mistake leaving me. I believed you. Wrong thing to do. We hardly hung out and your music was still in the way!

    I broke it off this time I couldn’t do it anymore feeling nothing from you. I just wanted you to really care and love me! We promised to stay friends and always keep in touch but you never text me or call.. I don’t understand. I hate you

    P.S I would never do this for anyone else but I would do anything to be with you!

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