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    You cheated on me, but I don’t think about that.
    We argued, but I don’t think about that.
    You made me feel terrible, and I did the same, but I don’t think about that.
    When it was bad, it was horrible, but I don’t think about that.

    I think about when it was good.
    When I finally plucked up the courage to kiss you.
    When you asked me out in my pajamas.
    the first time you told me you loved me.
    Staying up all night talking and kissing.
    Waking me up from my nightmares and hugging me back to sleep.
    Making me tea and minding me when I felt sick.
    Being with you & you’re friends and you used to tell me how much you wanted to be alone with me.
    When we used to be apart for 10 minutes and I’d get a text saying you missed me already.
    being on the back of your bike, just going for a spin in the summer.
    Loving you so much it hurt.
    It still hurts, I still love you.
    It’s been a year, but it was 2 years of my life that I was with you.
    I pretend I’m over you, but I cry all the time and just wished you would stop treating me like a stranger.

    That Girl That You Used To Know.

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