• Dear Boyfriend,

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    Yeah so i could care less that your ex has lost weight. I cried my eyes out to you last night because many people think I’m pregnant. You assured me that i’m perfect just the way i am. But then you fb message me today randomly and said ‘ so i ran into this onld friend of mine and she said K has lost a lot of weight :p ” uhhhh okay??? how am i suppossed to respond to that?????????????

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    1. Lady
      February 29, 2012 at 12:15 pm

      it sounds harsh… but sometimes guys make light of a situation that we may find inappropriate to joke about. it might not be how it comes across. maybe he’s saying that you’re perfect, and she felt so imperfect that she went and lost a lot of weight, so he was trying to show you just how bad she felt about herself, like you told him you feel… to kinda make you feel better about the situation in a strange guy way. maybe he is teasing you because he honestly thinks it is rediculous that you see so many flaws in yourself when he thinks you are perfect, and truly feels that way… trying to bring levity to the situation in hopes of cheering you up a bit.

      who knows, maybe she hacked into his account and was trying to fuck with your head.

      there are so many possibilities out there, but when we are insecure we tend to jump to the worst conclusion. take it from me- in my experience this does nothing but destroy relationships. you need to remember that he feels you’re beautiful in every way possible… or else he wouldn’t be with you!!! keep this in mind… he’s not with her for a reason, he is with you for a reason… you are the winner, she is the loser whether she lost weight or not.

      keep your head up, keep in mind that this guy thinks you’re the best thing since sliced bread, keep in mind that he still thinks you’re more beautiful than she is no matter how big or small she makes herself- he said it himself that you are perfect. PERFECT!!! that is the compliment of all compliments… it might feel like he’s just saying that to make you feel better but the truth is that a guy doesn’t really care to put in the effort if he doesn’t really think it or feel it…

      its not worth stressing over, its not worth “complaining” (for lack of better word) to him about it… eventually he would get tired of it, he would be turned off by your lack of confidence after knowing how confident you once felt around him.. which is what attracted him to you in the first place, and if you keep pointing out things that you consider flaws he could potentially start accepting that you’re “right” rather than know that you’re wrong deep down inside of him, like he is so 100% sure of right now.

      i really wish you the best of luck. i destroyed something wonderful because i let this sort of thing get the better of me. it brought me to rock bottom, and i never thought i’d wind up that low.

      keep your head up, beautiful!!!! <3 <3




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