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    I hate you. I love you.

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    Everytime you come around it ends the same. So why do I still allow myself to be wrapped around your finger. Does it matter to me that you’re still with him everytime you come back to me? You say all these sweet nothings about how we used to be and how you wished things played

    Can yoo Comprehend?

    by  • February 29, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Thoughts • 2 Comments

    Dear No One, These are my words; whether they are my last or not, I don’t know. It shouldn’t matter. I wish I could explain the feelings the swarm inside me. The little diseases that won’t go away. They grow and multiply. They leave me curled, cringing at my stomach, screaming, and weeping in my

    Time to say goodbye

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    You’ve been there my entire life. Years on years on years of friendship. They tell you that college changes things. That you’ll find new friends in college…better friends who make you feel whole and alive and happy. You used to. I watch old videos. Look at old pictures. Read old letters. And..it’s just like you’re


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    Dear Sally, I can hear yor pounding. I know yoo want me to answer. I can see yor darkness at the bottom of the door. its creaping in. I want yoo to know that i will answer. I just need a moment. Yor last visit had kept me in bed. Its hard to break a

    After all this time…

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    SP- It’s been months. Sometimes I’m ok, but you are always on my mind. God, how I miss you! I have this really strong urge to call you right now, but I know you don’t want me to. So I’m writing here, again. To catch you up… I colored my hair, redder than you saw

    Am I a ghost?

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    I loved you for a year, telling you I love you and you alone. You say you love me back, and it will last forever. Claiming that our fire of burning passion will never die out. You loved me for who I was, when other’s didn’t even notice me. You tell me that you are