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    Today’s the Day.

    The day you decide if you will leave or stay.

    So I’m writing you this letter, because I could never say this to you. I know that you have to go your own way and that might not be my way. I don’t ever want you to hate me, but I also don’t want you to leave. But I think we both know you have your heart set on it. It’s only others that get in your way.

    I guess I was my own downfall by telling you to talk to an adviser…I know he’ll help you see what you really want and to go out and claim it. Which is great! I’m happy for you! I just wish it didn’t mean me losing such a good friend. Which I know is a little selfish…but let’s be honest. When we say goodbye. It’ll be goodbye. The odds of us seeing each other again are next to none. And I know I’ll always have your memory but I don’t know if that is good enough for me…

    I guess I’m just writing this, because it makes it real for me by seeing it in words.

    So then maybe, just maybe, I can let go.

    Even though I really don’t want to.

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