• Men. Can’t live with em..Can’t live without em..

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    what the heck does it mean when a guy says “you are attractive, but I’m not attracted to you”?
    I don’t understand men. They act one way and then say a totally differnt thing.
    I might be a hypocrite, because I do get what you mean when you say that you just dont have those kinds of feelings for me. I understand wanting to be close friends with someone and nothing more. All I don’t understand is why this always happens to me. I’m always in this stupid situation. I like a guy, we get along so well, I assume that he likes me back..I go for it..I get the friends speach. I’m all about having close guy friends but enough is enough. I’m done with men. I don’t need them. I don’t want to play their stupid little mind games anymore. I will be your friend. I think we will end up being amazing friends because of the bond we have over that one situation that nobody else really understands. I’m not dying to be with you as more than friends and I hope u knowing that I had a “crush” on you doesn’t make you all conceited or feel like you have some kind of hold over me.
    The only reason I’m so annoyed right now is that this isn’t the first time this has happened, and something tells me it won’t be the last. I know I like you so much because you connect me to him in a way that other people can’t. I miss being close with him, and since you were such good friends with him too I feel like there is a big part of him in you. I know there is a big part of him in me. which may be what makes you not want to be any more than friends with me. That makes total sense I guess..but I don’t get why you don’t see it the way I do either. Idk. I guess I just really miss being close with people. I have other good friends but I don’t have anyone like I had him. I expected too much out of you, and I’m not expecting you to take his place. I just thought maybe you could help fill a part of the gap.

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    1. Rose
      February 28, 2012 at 10:47 am

      Maybe it means you’re not his type. Maybe it means he thinks you’re not attractive and he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.



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