• Like Her.

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    I wish you’d look at me. When I say look, I don’t mean just a glance across the hall, or just flicking past my face to find another. I mean to REALLY look at me, see me, notice me.

    I wish you’d smile at me. Not the smile you have when you laugh. Not the smile you have when you don’t understand the Theorem of Pythagoras. Not the smile you use to hide the pain shawdowed on your face. But the smile that you save for the best people in your life, the people you love and hold dear.

    I wish you’d listen to me. Listen like you have a dire need to know what I’m saying. Like nothing in this world could stop you from hearing this. Like you would never hear anything more important in you life.

    I wish you’d touch me. You’d shake hands with your parents and teachers, you’d high- five your guy friends and hug your girl ones. But I want you to hold, grip on to me like that is all that will ever matter.

    I wish you’d love me. I wish it every day. Every time I see you look at her, every time I see you smile at her, every time I see you listen to her, everytime I see you hold her.

    I wish you’d love me like you love her.

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