• Knowing what i can’t admit

    by  • February 28, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Goodbye • 0 Comments

    You were never truly mine
    But i fell for you
    I fell in love
    And i know i will never hear from you again
    It hit me
    I got what i had coming
    I wish i could just hold you one time
    One more time before everything changed
    I wish i could have one last conversation with you
    I keep holding on to my anger and hurt because letting go means i let go of the last part of you i still have
    Which isn’t much
    You probably hate me now
    You probably never cared to begin with did you?
    was i just another girl to you?
    Never crossed your mind late at night, in the middle of class, while you’re driving.
    Those are the times i think of you most
    I wanna know what you think and what you do
    why you treated me the way you did
    why my friends cause a scene seeing you in public
    why i couldn’t hangout with you when you asked
    why do i feel like i WAS different?
    why did you keep talking to me?
    why did you do this?
    now i can’t get you out of my mind and out of my heart
    and you don’t care
    this doesn’t affect your life at all
    one less girl to have to text
    one less obsessed girl to deal with
    well you just lost the funnest thing in your life
    i could have made it different
    it’s funny
    it’s sad
    you could have been the best thing i ever had and i could have been the best for you too
    i blame my friends half way for this “break”
    but i blame you too, i needed closure
    you could have talked to me about what happened that night
    you could have talked to me a million times but you chose not to
    so i choose not to show you this letter
    you would think i was insane anywheres
    now i’m stranded in my thoughts and i can’t get out
    i hope you are happy
    i hope she is happy too
    and i hope every girl you ever talk to again is happy
    because nobody deserves this
    you tied up 8 months of my life that were supposed to be the best of my life
    i hope everything works out for you
    and i know i will never get to talk to you again
    so goodbye

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