• do i need his forgiveness

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    I am not mad at you because of our past. hall i don’t remember it that well. what i remember is that you hurt me and the after math.
    the reason why i hate you is because you lied… and you still lie to me.
    i don’t care about what you did… i care about what you do now. if you are just going yo keep lying then i don’t want anything to do with you.
    i have forgiven you for everything you have done to me. i still feel hurt but it’s going away.
    i wish i could tell you this but i promised i would never talk to you.
    i know you still love me but only on those lonely night. and if you told me that you still love me, i could tell you that i could and don’t love you. i stopped loving you the day i learned the truth.
    i am going to start a new life with a man that loves me and he has giving me the world. he has fixed my broken heart. it took years.
    i want to tell you sorry and i forgive you… i wonder if you could forgive me… a part of me needs that. i need to forget you and the pain.
    i want you gone from my mind. i lost you years ago and i need to lose you from my mind. i guess i need more time, maybe in a year or two .. you will be gone…

    i don’t love you anymore so leave me

    ~don’t you forget~

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