• College: Welcome to the real world

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    Man I thought moving from middle school to high school was bad. Moving from some 400 kids who knew each other since kindergarten or so to a school with over 1500 kids, it was like moving from a small pond into a lake. New faces practically everywhere you turn, it was intimidating. The major difference from that advance from the high school to college move is at least in high school you see some familiar faces. College, it is completely different.

    You may have some small classes, if you are lucky, but most of the time you are placed in one of those classes where you are one of the nameless faces in over 200 and there is not a recognizable face in sight. On your first day that might be a little intimidating. The only thing I have to say is: Congrats, you just made it to the ocean, try not to drown.

    Those 200 people are just a small fraction of the people you are competing against for the much coveted scholarships. You better not mess this up, because, if you are like me, that scholarship you are on is your ticket to remain on this dizzying ride. Just do your best kid, it’ll all be fine if you keep your eye on the prize. This whole scenario might seem impossible to complete, but work at it and never give up.

    The Aspiring College Graduate

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