• The One That Got Away

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    When I look at the stars, I think of you.

    I think of about how my first kiss was underneath the stars, how I would sneak out of my house just to see you and to stare at the sky. I remember how we broke up underneath the beautiful lights and it broke my heart.

    It wasn’t because we stopped loving each other, it’s because I had to move away. I wanted to get away from our small town. I needed to go on to bigger and better things. That didn’t mean that you weren’t the best thing that happened to me, it meant that I needed an adventure. That I needed to see what was outside of this town. So when I moved away that was the end of us.

    But that was a lie, we said out goodbyes and I cried my eyes out. Because you were my first everything. I got on the plane, and I couldn’t even look at you. Because you did your best to get me to stay. You got down on one knee and asked me to be with you forever. But i said no. I said no because I was scared. We were only 17 and like I said, I needed to see the world. So when I got to the big city, we said it was over. But it was never over. We called, we skyped, we said “I love you”. We were still an item. We both know it and we both said it.

    So why did you ruin it? Why did you kiss her? and why didn’t you tell me? And the stupid thing is, when I heard the news, I stood up for you. Because I loved you. Because I trusted you. And therefore I fought for your integrity.

    Was I a fool.

    You just made excuses, you just made up lies. And at that point I knew I could never love you again. And there it was, my first heartbreak. I cried for one day. That’s all I allowed myself. Because you weren’t worth my tears. You weren’t worth the pain. One day is all I needed to get over you. Because you were not worthy of my love.

    & the best part is, I know I’m the best you’re ever going to do. I know that without me you’re going no where in life. Because I know I’m the one that got away, and nothing pleases me more. So when I look at the stars, I think of you, and how horrible life is going to be for you.

    ps. Your new girlfriend is ugly & that’s the best feeling of all.

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