• Sad Dad makes Sad Pupy

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    Both daddy and I miss you. We both thought you were the greatest person in the world and we loved spending time with you. I miss your smell and your treats but dad misses your voice and company.

    Dad will take me for walks still but he avoids the streets and roads that you and him ever walked me on, he says it hurts too much when he is reminded of walking those places with you. It makes it hard sometimes cause I really like the smells on those streets.

    I don’t like any of the girls dad introduces me to, they do not have treats and pet me very much and none of them smells like cats the way you do. I know dad feels terrible for losing you because he tells me all the time. He still cries at night sometimes when ever something reminds him of you. I do not like seeing my dad so sad. He was so happy just knowing you and now I have to listen to him talk about things that make me sad and about how much he misses you and wishes he could just see you again.

    He takes me to the park by your house sometimes just hoping to see you walking down the street or maybe even at the park but we never run into you. I get so excited whenever I go over the bridge because I remember that is where he would pick you up.

    I would like nothing more than to see my dad happy again, these other girls he meets do not put a smile on his face the way you did. Please give him a call sometime, make him happy, let him see you, take me for a walk.

    Thanks for listening,


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