• once you made me happy now i feel dead inside

    by  • February 27, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Resentment • 0 Comments

    dear wife once you where my world and missed your smile everyday but ever since you took your frinds side over mine on our wedding day and made me chouse all because of your idiot selfish friends mistake i have never trusted you fully.

    you will never know all the bad things that i do behind your back to try and make me feel whole again yes it makes me feel better but only because somthing inside me has broken and died.

    i have always stuck by you even in your illness as i cried alone into my cristmas dinner and now you have my unborn child i hate it more than anything in the world i wish it wasnt mine.

    after all it was the only thing you wanted from me and is more importent than our marrage.

    i just wish i could shout out to everyone i know how i realy feel but feel so ashamed who i have become it makes me want to end it all sometimes.

    i just wish i had left you all thoes years ago before i was trapped and unhappy.

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