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    To all the naive,

    There will come a point when you have a moment of clarity. Where you realize that you will never go back. It may take longer for you to stop talking about him/her. You may still be tempted to beg forgiveness. At that point, you illusions about love will be shattered. That is more what you fear than the ending of a relationship. The idea that love is not the way you wanted it to be. There will come a point where you don’t dream about love. You realize that you are perfectly fine on your own. If someone wants to share the journey with you it’s great, but not necessary. Also, if your friends are making fun of you instead of supporting you, drop them. They should not be called friends. Friends should have your back. If you still want to keep in contact with them, maybe in your mind they should be give another title. For example, classmate, acquaintance, coworker, etc. That way you won’t expect as much from them, and won’t get hurt as much. Right now you need a support system. Maybe posting on here was a mistake. But next time you’re tempted don’t leave behind any clues to who you are. Talk in general terms. At the same time, who cares what others think? This is your journey not theirs. Then again, don’t ruin a potential relationship because of someone from your past. There is a reason they’re from your past not your future. Don’t mix the two up.

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