• Love Battle

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    dear him.

    i wish you could just step into my shoes for a day, watch yourself treating me like dirt. remember when i was once your princess, and we both enjoyed the summer like a teenage love. yeah, i miss that.

    i let you walk all over me, i hide my feelings from you just to stop arguments between us. i cry myself to sleep every night, because i feel like im not good enough for you. you allow me to believe that i can’t do anything right, you build up a drama when i do something wrong. what sort of boyfriend does that? i can’t persuade myself that this is never my fault, i’m just a constant life wrecker. someone who tries the best they can and still fails to succeed.

    i could never imagine loving someone as much as i love you. you have that spark, that special something i noticed when i first met you. i was drawn to you for something no one else can see, and that’s your perfection through my eyes. my life had always felt incomplete, but with you by my side i feel fully restored.

    i’m sorry that i bottle things up. i’m sorry that i annoy you. i guess its just who i am, and we both need to accept that. i should never have to change for anyone, especially someone i love. so why are you doing this to me? what are you going to get out of it, i don’t understand why you keep changing your mind.

    i feel like i’m fighting a love battle, and no matter how much i want to continue… there’s something there in the background telling me a back down. what do i chose, which path do i take? i love you more than you will ever know, and this battle is getting too strong for me. if i give up, i lose you. and if i carry on there’s still a possibility i could lose you then.

    why do i fail at my life? why does everything i try to do, hurt? no one can answer me this but you, but even that’s asking a lot.
    you don’t even talk to me anymore.

    love her.

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    One Response to Love Battle

    1. GG
      February 27, 2012 at 11:25 pm

      Never apologize for the way he makes you feel.
      NEVER be sorry.
      I know how you feel, and I wish that I could help you.
      My first love was this way, he’s making you feel like shit and manipulating you into believing it’s your fault.
      I love you, and I know you’re strong.
      He may have that space in your heart that will never be filled by anything or anyone else, but you need to be strong and do what’s best for you. I believe in you.



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