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    Dear naive girl,

    You claim you’re over him? You say since you haven’t talked to him in some amount of time (I don’t remember the number you stated) that it helped you let go of everything…Let me help you realize how wrong you are…

    See if you were over him you wouldn’t be counting the days of when you guys last talked, you wouldn’t be writing a bunch of shit about him on the internet, you wouldn’t be saying that you’re over him period. If you were over him, you would just leave it alone and stop mentioning him. So go ahead and sit there and try to convince yourself and everyone around you that you’re finally over him…when you know deep down if he were to call and/or text you right now and asked how you were, or told you him and his gf were done and he wanted you back you’d be right back to where you were before. You’d be like okay! Let’s try this again, we can make it work, I knew we were meant to be…blah blah blah.

    You’re an idiot. The dumbest girl I might possibly know, which is sad because I thought you were pretty smart but apparently you have no common sense what so ever. Get a fucking clue and realize that he has MOVED on, he is OVER you and now he is HAPPY. Why don’t you follow along and do the same?

    Stop hoping he’s going to contact you and see how you’re doing, stop hoping he’s going to miss you, stop hoping you guys are going to get back together. Stop writing him notes trying to recap memories between the two of you and hope that he misses you. Stop trying to be closer to him then when you guys were dating. Stop trying to be like the best friend he had when you guys were dating. It’ll never be like that for you two. JUST FUCKING STOP in general. You’re wasting your time and making it easier for everyone else to make fun of you…even your closest friends.

    The sooner you realize all this shit, the sooner your life and everyone else’s around you will be better. Shit, you’ve even started ruining possible relationships for yourself because of all of this. Move on with your life and stop living in the past for everyone’s sake.

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    1. GG
      February 27, 2012 at 11:41 pm

      If you were a real friend, you would say this to my face.



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