• I still love you

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    It’s been 5 years since you said “I love you” for the first time and I felt like the luckiest girl on earth.

    You promised to stay by my side forever but now when I need you the most you are not here. I gave everything I could to our relationship, to our friendship but I guess it still wasn’t enough. I wish I could be good enough for you but I never will.

    You used to call me your soul, and now I am just a mistake of your life. I still can’t be mad at you for not noticing my broken heart and breaking it further apart.

    I still can’t make myself stop wishing for you to come back knowing that you never will.

    We used to spend hours just to say bye and now its so hard for you to pick up my calls or reply to my messages.

    I know our relationship just lasted for a month of my life but it was the best month of my entire life and all these years when we were just friends I loved you every second of it though I never said it.

    I wish you knew how madly I was in love with you and how lonely I feel without you so that you would come back but a part of me knows you don’t care anymore. You mean the world to me and I don’t even exist for you.

    I am all alone with nobody to even talk to. I wish you would come back even if just as a friend.

    Baby I miss you so bad, it really hurts. Tell me what I did wrong, I will make it right. Don’t leave me so alone. I won’t be able to take it. Please come back.

    I am waiting…

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