• I love you, but today I hate you.

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    I am fucking pissed off.

    Why can’t he see that HE is full of fucking bull shit. Seriously “I help as much as I can” Bull Shit! He helps when it’s convenient for him and not much more. When he does help it’s 15 minutes top and then he has something more important to do, or starts “hurting”. Grow the fuck up! You wanted a kid and you got one. Deal with it and help raise him instead of telling me what to do. You have no idea what you’re talking about 90% of the time. Just because my crazy neurotic sister in law said that it’s a good idea to keep other kids away from our son doesn’t mean that we need to completely isolate him and keep him away from EVERYONE. Oh and by the way, you promised me that when we moved I would still be able to see my family. Guess what asshole. Your fucking demands are keeping me away from my family. Oh and by the way If you’re not going to help me with the baby how the hell am I supposed to finish school? You act like I have all the time in the world, that it shouldn’t be a problem for me to take care of the baby, keep the house clean, make you fucking breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, and do class work for 13 credits. Moron! You go to work for 8 hours every day and I am very greatful that you take care of our family finanically, but that doesn’t give you license to sit on your fucking ass and stare at the TV as the other 16 hours of the day.

    Why can’t you make yourself lunch? Or dinner? Remember that night that you came home from work and I was trying to get some school work done and instead of feeding yourself you sat down on the couch and turned on the TV and then got pissy because I wasn’t making you dinner fast enough. Guess What. I’m fucking sick of your shit! You’re really not as fucking great as you think you are. You are constantly thinking about what you want and not whats best for our family. You want to buy a new car with tax returns when we already have a car and a car payment that we can barely afford. Why can’t we put the tax returns toward the car? for that matter why can’t we put the rest of my student loans toward the car, or a crib for our baby?

    Why is it so important that your parents be close to our son, but my family has to stay as far away as possible. Guess what, your parents fucking suck! Seriously, they might be good people, but I really don’t like them as much as I pretend I do. At least the people in my family aren’t narssistic pot-head alcoholics like your brother. Who by the way spends more time with our son than my family. You bitch and complain whenever I even talk to my family, but you let that fucking asshole of a brother around our son? What the fuck!? Where is the concern for our sons safty there? You only care about what is going on with him when its convienent to you. I’m fucking sick of it.

    Oh and if you don’t want me to do laundry at my sisters house then you can go to the fucking laundromat with our baby and do the laundry yourself, maybe then you’ll understand. On that note, making me choose between hanging out with you on your day off and doing laundry at my sisters is bull shit. Why can’t you come with me and help me with the laundry? Why is it so fucking hard for you to do anything to help ME?
    Oh and guess what your racist jokes and comments aren’t funny or cute. I’m serious when I say that if my son picks that shit up from you you’re going to be packing up your shit and leaving. GROW UP and start being a good example instead of a small minded asshole.

    I might love you and I might be married to you, but you seriously piss me off. If something doesn’t change soon I don’t know that I’m going to be able to stay for much longer.

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    One Response to I love you, but today I hate you.

    1. DC
      February 27, 2012 at 1:47 pm

      All the relationship experts say that communication is key. I can see you’re going through a rough period but you know what? It’s not all that different from the rough periods other couples have gone through.

      The point here is not that there are some problems. Fact is there will ALWAYS be problems of one sort or another. No, the point here is to figure out how to fix it and THAT is what defines you as a person and part of a couple.

      Use LINS to vent your anger away; no one responds well to words said angrily.

      Good luck to you both



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