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    Why do I care so much when you don’t care at all, why do you tell me you want to be with me then turn around and give another girl your number, why am I always waiting on you to make up your mind, why wont you be my boyfriend that’s all I really want is to let people know that your mine to be with you, to love you , why don’t you feel the same way? I haven’t felt like this about someone in a long time, I’m not sure what to do, the hardest thing about loving someone is when they don’t love you back. Can you just love me back? I am emotionally drained from pouring my heart out to you and getting nothing back. You’re graduating soon and I’m not sure what is going to happen, you say you want to try staying together, but what does that mean for me? more sleepless nights waiting for you to text me or call me back while your out with your friends only to be let down again? I cant live like that, but part of me is willing to live like that just so I can be with you, that’s not how it should be but I know I will never give up on us. I want so desperately for this to work that I might be pushing you away by trying so hard. Why cant this be easy?


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    1. J
      February 26, 2012 at 10:03 pm

      I know exactly how you feel. I loved him so fiercely, desperately, and all I wanted was to be with him and only him. I waited for him to text or call because I hung on his every action, and ignored all of his many flaws. But he only wanted a certain part of that with me, and when it got to be too much for him he ended things in an 8 word text. Months of being together, over in a short text followed by no explanation or apology or anything. Maybe I drove him away by trying so hard, but I deserve to be with someone who’ll respond to my efforts with their own love for me. So do you.



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