• Somebody That You Used To Know

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    We met up tonight. After two years of not talking, we talked tonight. We met in a busy place on campus because after midnight it was the only place open to go. You looked me in the eyes and apologized for picking your girlfriend over your friends. For losing sight of who had been there for you for years, and giving all of your attention to someone who was so undeserving. You told me it hurt you when I wasn’t there for you when she cheated. I told you that you didn’t deserve to have me there. You can’t treat someone like they aren’t worth your time and then expect theirs. You told me he wants to be friends again. I don’t even know what that means to you. Does that mean you want me as a friend until you find a girl, and then we can’t be friends? What’s the point M? And why do you think we should be friends anyway? You have no clue what has happened in this past year, and you haven’t taken the time to ask. I wouldn’t be the same friend to you ever again. I have walls up now with my guy friends, I distance myself knowing that I’ll always be second best. I won’t trust you. So don’t bother trying to be my friend again, consider me a stranger. Consider me,

    Somebody That You Used To Know

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