• Empath

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    All these letters; all these words swirl around in the morning mist until the warmth of the sun carries them out of sight and into another realm, hidden from mortal eyes. Each stroke of a keyboard that is briefly unveiled carries such intricate beauty and leaves a unique footprint. Yet most also harbor the drilling agony and suffocating loneliness that often characterizes the heartbreak made infamous through world-wide experience.


    All possess a portion of our hearts, either for better or for worse, just as much as love, hate, trust, jealousy, honesty, and deceit all possess a portion of our hearts. Each letter is written by an individual — in many cases, many letters originate from the same individual who is attempting to make sense of these owners of his/her heart. Some have it figured out; others are convinced they will never figure it out. Yet as I read each word authored by infinite passion, I am reminded how beautiful the individual behind that passion truly is, despite the condition of their heart.

    I long to reach out, to comfort, to assure them it that this moment in time will pass and the sun will soon begin to poke it’s face above the mountain tops, deploying it’s light and warmth to chase away the icy darkness that currently consumes them. They would not be mere words to me as I would hope they would not be to them, because I know these words to be absolutely true, no matter who I may have been speaking to.

    Unfortunately, many will remain unconvinced or indifferent, and those are the ones to whom my heart goes out to. I’m an empath of a sort and often feel far more than I desire, yet with that feeling comes understanding. Ours is a broken world and many voids dwell within the fractures on its surface, and many will never be filled because they will never take the opportunities presented to them. With time comes healing and answers, and although the wait may exceed the amount of patience present in each individual, holding on to the hope for a better tomorrow speeds up the hours of today, relatively speaking.

    I’ve spoken this before, but I think it requires iteration: Each letter here has touched me and left a unique imprint on my heart and mind. I see not the face of a stranger or a generic identity one might associate with the streets of LA. Rather, the face of a person, a human being with whom I can identify life’s many struggles and victories, emerges in my mind’s eye and for a moment, they are right there beside me in their brokenness or wholeness — and for them I feel that incredibly amazing and infectious love that their Creator holds for them, whether they realize it or not. I sincerely pray for their knowledge of this because of the difference it WILL make in their lives, as it has in mine more times than I can count.


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