• Thank you, Imagined or real.

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    I hope to keep this short. All I wanted to say was, Thank you.

    Whether You were of my own creating or simply real. Thank you. I’ve been feeling, no falling farther and farther and you came to me. Even when I stubbornly told you no, leave me alone, your not suppose to be. My head felt like hell, I felt so tired. You came to me anyways, said to let you help me. I would feel better. How I gave in, I don’t know. You are that wonderful I guess. I felt better, your energy swirled into me and I felt so much better. Thank you.

    Even if it dosen’t last for very long, it was enough to get me up and going. I’m not going to come on here anymore. At least that’s what I want. I need to stop holding onto the idea that you are reaching out to me on here. I hope I can be the person I need to be, so you can enter into my life. Finally.

    Until then, thank you…there’s no one in the world like you, and, I hope…, is all I can say. I hope.

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