• Paper Man

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    If I created a man on paper, I know I would fall for him
    There’s nothing better than 2D love, that you can feel because it’s your own.
    Our first date would be on my desk, as he reveals himself to be
    Something more than I could even imagine, or what I could.
    Perfection is no comparison to the status he obtains, because he’s mine
    In my mind, and on paper.
    I could think of him whenever, and he thinks of me even more.
    Why, you ask?
    Because I make him. He told me so. He tells me all the time.
    The paper man sometimes sits in my pocket. Hugging my hips with his ink hands. Leaving little paper notes crumpled and mashed with lint.
    He likes to lay in bed, and be silent. But it’s okay because I know he’s there.
    I know that he knows, he tells me so.
    We have our occasional fits, sometimes leaving a little cut.
    But as I say, better on my finger than on my heart.
    He would never go that far anyways, because I wouldn’t create him that way.
    He wouldn’t look at other girls, even though they look at him.
    Everyone thinks we’re a crazy match, just because they’re jealous that I’ve found the perfect man and they haven’t. My paper man.
    He’s mine, and only mine. He told me so.
    Until the day comes, when I grow old.
    When I grow feeble, and his paper arms are worn and rigid. Until the day comes where I close my eyes, breathe once, then not again. He will be my paper man.
    And when that day comes, he will be in my hand, wet from my palm, and crumpled from my care, he will still be my paper man.
    Even when I turn into air, when I’ve reached spirit status, I’ll join a tree’s life, in hopes that I will become paper, and my love for the paper man will be real. And he will be real.
    He told me so.

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    1. friend
      February 26, 2012 at 9:54 pm

      hey idunno if you’ll ever see this, but this is amazing. you might not think so, but i never did see things the same as others… anyway, if it’s okay with you i was hoping i could use this idea to write a song?

      many thanks



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