• It was beautiful.

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    Last night we had sex and I tried to tell you what little dirty talk I can and instead the words came out in a hushed “I love you.” I didn’t think you heard me so I continued like nothing happened. You whispered, “Just for tonight,” and I asked what you’d said so you said it again. I had no idea what you meant until you whispered the sweetest, most sensual “I love you” that I’ve ever heard. It blew me away, I told you I didn’t mean to say it but you made me tell you multiple times and you kept saying it to me. The whole night, being with you, hearing that, saying that, it was so beautiful. You asked if I meant it and I wasn’t lying when I told you I didn’t know. There is love but this thing is just journey we’ve taken in our lives to kill loneliness, I don’t know if I can love you, you’ve told me not to so many times. I do have plenty of love for you and would like nothing more than to fall for you and live blissfully forever after but it will not happen that way. If I fall then you will break my heart, this works and I love that you’re becoming more affectionate. It’s been nearly two years and that’s the first time you’ve told me you love me, though it was to keep the passion going and to set the mood just right, it meant so much more to me without making me think too much.

    I love you.

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