• I am truly a fool. Michael. I am truly a fool.

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    Why should I have ever seen anything or us Michael? Everyone else told me they thought we were a perfect couple. I never saw it. But when I did finally realize that what they were saying was TRUE, you changed. We told each other we liked each other. We were on different tennis matches. You kept saying how much you wished you were there, to snuggle me. We both know you are a heck of a snuggler:)

    I loved that. I loved that about you. Such a good boy. Always doing what’s right. You, Michael, are going to grow up and be a successful man, who is great with kids.

    You are everything I want in a boy. Your blonde hair, and your dramatic hair flip. Your light blue eyes that you can barely see because they are so little. The way you wear Kakeys to school with your various north face and under armour jackets. Oh and your new ripped jeans that make you more masculine. The way you always call me pretty by text, tell me to my face every once in a while:) the way you hold my arm a little to long gives me butterflies every time, as foolish as it sounds, I even like your 8 o’clock bedtime, even if it prevents me from being able to talk to you.

    I love those things about you Michael. I am smiling going through that list. But then I remember what there is that made us drift. The fact you only see us as friends. You only see us as friends. You only see us as friends. The way you smile at the other girls. The way you call them beautiful. The way that you never snuggle with me anymore. The way you don’t even touch me, not even my arm. The way that when I look over at you in Spanish you look away quickly like you don’t want me to see you.

    I am foolish to ever think you and I ever were something. But Michael, I just want you to text me. Call me. Talk to me. Snuggle me. Smile at me. Give it a chance remember how things used to be.


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