• Remember Us?

    by  • February 24, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Thinking of you • 0 Comments

    I still love you. I think about you every day and sure i’m just a stupid 19-year-old and yea I’m young and someday I’ll find someone else but he won’t be you. And he’ll never be you. I know it was my fault we broke up. I can say it now, 2 years later. I changed and I’m sorry but I grew up and you didn’t like the new me. But now I feel like we’re right back where we were before we dated and I can’t help but think what if.

    I want you to know that I still think about you every day and every night before I go to sleep. You told me I was always your girl even if you get “lots of other chicks”. Do you remember that time you ditched me to go hook up with that other girl? You don’t know that I know that’s why but Cam told me and I cried for hours. I get so excited every time you message me. Seriously, it makes my day. I’m so powerless when it comes to you and it scares me. Do you remember how great we were? Sure, we fought all the time but we were me and you. People always say we act like an old married couple around each other and I can’t help but think what if…

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