• We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve.

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    Two weeks;
    That’s how long you gave me to talk to you, to find what an intriguing and kindhearted person you are. That’s how long it took to find out about your irreparably fucked up relationship that would intercept ours from ever happening.
    Young love may be very passionate, but from an outside perspective, yours is also very ill-fated. I want you to know that even if you have chosen to completely ignore me without any warning, I still think you are a genuinely good person and that you deserve better than this relationship you are trying to make work. I once heard that in a relationship, there is always one person who gives love and the other who accepts it. Unless it is true love, it is rarely unconditional and equal on both sides. I think even yourself can tell that you are the one giving love away, while she enjoyed the feeling of being loved. I’m not saying she didn’t care about you or love you, but the inequality is killing you. In the end, it made you hurt me, too. Whether or not you choose to accept it, you deserve much better and eventually you will receive it. You are handsome, witty, and caring. You are twenty years old and a broken engagement is crushing, but you are stronger than that. Love her, but don’t love her enough to give up falling in love. Remember her, but don’t let nostalgia hold you back from your future expectations and desires. Never hold bitterness or resentment to your past love, they will weigh you down and cause you to hurt others, as you have already done. If it is truly meant to happen, it will in the end.

    Maybe one day we can finally meet. You hurt my feelings and temporarily damaged my self-worth, but I am not underestimating the situational factors that led to your decision. I wish you all the very best.

    I wish so very much I could tell this to you for real.

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